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Women’s Health & Wellbeing Services

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About Women's Health & Wellbeing Services

Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services is an organisation supporting all women within the South East Metro Area of Perth, Western Australia. We promote the overall wellbeing, self esteem, independence, self responsibility and health awareness of women in our community. We offer a range of different services, predominately counselling and health promotion. Our Perth counselling services are based in Gosnells and include perinatal mental health programs, counselling, health awareness programs, information sessions, parenting skills, groups and events.

Services provided include:

Therapeutic Services

One-On-One Counselling
Therapeutic Groups
Couples Counselling
Perinatal Metal Health Services
Family Counselling
Perinatal Counselling
Professional Supervision

Information & Education

Health Promotion
Health Groups and Courses
Information & Referral Services

Opening Hours

Tue to Fri – 9.30 to 12.30pm
Tue to Fri – 1.30 to 3.30pm

How to get here

Conveniently located at:
The Agonis
2232C Albany Highway, Gosnells.
On the Corner of Astley Street and opposite Australia Post.

The entrance to Gosnells Community Lotteries House is located directly across from the Gosnells Post Office.